Private Label

Make your retail work for you!

Your Brand. You're in Control.

Tailored to what You want

Skin Entrepreneurs

Grow Your Business

Style + Substance

Clinical Effective Skincare in Luxury Packaging

Reimagine Private Label Skin Care

The benefits of high MOQ production -- premium clean skincare products, beautiful unique glass packaging, highly customized label design, tailored to your business -- all at a Low MOQ.

It's Private Label Reimagined.

Reimagine Your Retail

Reimagine your Retail to work for your aesthetics business.

Having your own brand can work to support and grow your overall business - feeding back into the skin treatments and services you offer.

Invest in Yourself

Elevate your brand with your own professional skincare line.

Truly Yours

You are in control.

From the unique 100% custom label design to large range of luxury glass packaging - your product look is highly customized and tailored to your brand and vision.

You set the product messaging and pricing.

More than just luxurious

Beautiful and efficacious. Feel confident your name will be on effective and professional formulations. Without the Junk.

Powered by natural ingredients and science-backed proven clinical actives -- at professional concentrations.

Specializing in anti-aging skincare for hydrated, healthy skin. Youthful, nourished, not irritated. Great for sensitive skin.

It's like Private Label - But Better.

Your Luxury Skincare Line. Your Way.

How to create your line

1. Choose Your Skincare Products

from our "clinical-clean" catalog of professional skincare formulations.

The formulations are pre-set, but you have full flexibility around the look.

2. Choose Your Packaging

Gorgeous luxurious (and eco-friendly) glass in an assortment of styles and colors to suit your brand.

3. Name Your Products

You name the Products [or you can keep the pre-set name if desired].

Products will be sold under your Business or Brand name.

4. Custom Label Design

We will design a unique custom label for you. Or you can send us your artwork.

Labels are 100% customized to capture your brand. We do not use a "standard template," so the look will feel authentic to your brand.

5. Then We Make Your Products

Your first order has more set-up and will be generally be ready for shipment in 4 weeks. Reorders generally ship within a week.

They will look great on the same shelf next to your favorite brands.

The Highest Standards

Professional, Clinical Actives for Anti-Aging & Hydration. Non-irritating.

Europe has banned over 1,300 ingredients, the US under 20.

Help your customers maintain their results at home -- and see your name daily -- with clinical, clean, professional formulations that leave the junk out. Be proud of your line and your high standards!

Custom branded skincare

Invest inYour Aesthetics Business