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Reimagining Private Label

Custom Branded Skincare Atelier

Ataliene is an Atelier for Custom Branded Professional Skincare, reimagining the private label skincare industry to better serve skin professionals. We help spa, esthetician, aesthetician, cosmetics injectors, skin therapists, facial bar, and dermatologist business owners create their own professional skincare line.

Enhance your retail and make it work better for your business --- with advanced clinical clean skincare and luxe packaging tailored to your practice. Our formulations balance clinical an natural. We offer high flexibility at a low MOQ.

We are a boutique studio manufacturer bringing artisan workmanship to custom branded skincare. Our name Ataliene (AH-tel-E-en) is a combination of Atelier and Clean, a Clean Skincare Atelier for Professional Skincare.

We bring an elevated offering that is truly customized to reflect your business and vision....with the highest quality professional skincare.

We consciously curate formulations that you can feel good about brining to your clients. They are effective for anti-aging & results oriented with sought-after clinical actives for professionals. While also being nourishing, non-irritating, and suitable for sensitive skin. Plus vegan, cruelty free, and junk free with a feel luxurious. Delivered in prestigious packaging to suit your vision and brand.

Our speciality is working with skin entrepreneurs offering in-person services. They are committed to investing in themselves and their business. And are serious about growing it.

We help you create a highly customized premium skincare product that you can be proud of and use to elevate and grow your business -- at a low risk. You control everything - choose your products [pre-set formulation that can't be altered] and then drive the product name, packaging, label design, and set the retail price.

Our business is set-up to give skin entrepreneurs the ability to create high quality products you would otherwise have to order in the thousands of units. To bring high flexibility at a low MOQ. It's Private Label Reimagined.


Our skincare philosophy is to support the skin barrier and not irritate the skin. We specialize in cleanical anti-aging skincare that hydrates and helps sensitive skin look healthy and youthful. We don't offer harsh or irritating products. You'll see this ethos in our product assortment. Our catalog is a blend of gentle non-irritating spins on classic staples and innovative new products.

Mission & Vision

We’re Reimagining Private Label Skincare and Evolving It for the Better

We're reimagining Private Label. Elevating how it’s perceived and its social and environmental impact. Making it easy to create your dream skincare brand online – at low risk and low investment with unique elevated packaging. Offering an array of options unlike anything you’re used to seeing in this space.

We take a boutique artisan approach while offering the highest standard clean formulas.

We believe you are the expert and put you front and center in creating the product that you want for your business. Afterall - it reflects you!

We believe you deserve a brand that looks they way you envision. A brand that belongs on the same shelf as the other brands you carry. A brand with formulations you can be proud of and excited to share. You deserve the best, even if you can't start out investing a large amount.

We make creating your own brand online easy, straightforward, and transparent. All with a focus on active ingredients, clean formulations, sustainability, and giving back.

We are the Priviate Label of the Future.

Inspire and Grow

The Moon

The moon is a symbol of how we are reimagining and evolving professional private label skincare.

It's a symbol of the future, growth, ambition, and change. We’re bringing this spirit to your business and the industry. It represents dreams, ‘moonshots,’ and aspirations to achieve.

Our goal is to enable skincare entrepreneurs to be able to create luxury products that they would otherwise have to order 1000's to 10,000 units of -- at a more accessible low MOQ. We are inspired by helping them fulfill their vision, be in control of their brand, invest in themselves and elevate their brand, reach for their dreams, and grow their business!

Elevated Options

As skincare enthusiasts, we wanted to empower skincare professionals and entrepreneurs to create their own high-end skincare line that could compete with best 'national' brands out there - proudly representing your business on your shelf next to Skinceuticals, Alastin, skinbetter, Image, and more.

We saw skin professionals and spa owners deserve an upscale look and skincare products that meet their high quality standards for ingredients and actives. They need effective, innovative, unique products that both work well and look great -- in packaging they control and that matches their business’s look and feel.

We saw the need for options that truly cater to the creator's vision and look fabulous on the same shelf as other brands --- all at low risk, low MOQ, high-end look, and premium 'cleanical' (clean and effective) formulas.

Many smaller professionals and spa owners haven’t been able to take advantage of opportunities to create their own skincare line. On one end of the spectrum are 'low cost' private label companies with a low MOQ. You will get what you pay for with these providers.

On the other end, costs and order quantities are very high - 1,000 to 10,000 unit minimums, it can take a long time to get started, and the formulations may still be lacking.

We empower you to create your own skincare line - that you can be proud of - today - and reap the economic benefits at a low risk - so you can focus on investing in your yourself and enhancing your own brand!

Why Ataliene?

☑️ Control your product's marketing, messaging, pricing, & promotion strategy

☑️ Put less focus on other brands and build your own

☑️ Professional formulations with a luxurious feel

☑️ Clinical Actives at vetted concentrations

☑️ Packaging and look you control

☑️ Low risk and low minimum order

☑️ Your vision - you are in control

☑️ Feel proud of your own products

☑️ Grow your business and enhance your brand

Why Create Your Own Skincare Line?

Your own professional skincare products - with your business name - invest in yourself, enhance your brand, promote client retention & recall, and have more control and exclusivity.

When you stock national brands, this helps build your credibility and might feel like an "easy" sale in the short run. At the same time, too much emphasis on other people's brands may hurt you in the long run. It's nice to have some more well known 'national brands' for familiarity, but clients can easily shop these from many places and online - often with discounts.

You also want to build up your own brand - which in the long run creates a flywheel effect -- with your at-home products bringing clients back in and promoting your services - leading to long term revenue growth.


Product exclusivity and control over messaging and discounts with Private Label skin care

Exclusive & Control

It's your brand - you control the marketing, messaging, pricing, and discounts. And your brand is exclusive to your business.

You can be a great vehicle for introducing customers to 'national' brands. But then it becomes easy for customers to reorder online wherever those products are on-sale.

Custom Loyalty with Private Label skin care


Your customers have your brand front and center in their routine at home every day.

This at-home touchpoint can help them remember you and drive repeat visits, customer loyalty and retention, feeding back into your services.

It makes sense to retail products that increase awareness, recall, and loyalty for YOUR business & brand.

Control skin care marketing and messaging with private label skincare


Your products are a tangible extension of your brand and marketing tool. They help tell your story.

You and your team can feel a sense of pride and engagement in your products. Feeling part of the brand, team excitement, and sense of ownership help drive sales.


Independently Owned. Women Owned and Operated.

Ataliene is independently owned by female founders.

We are located in the United States (Monroe Township, New Jersey) and all our operations happen here.

By component:

  • Ingredients are blended in small batches in the US, Canada, Australia, and India.
  • Packaging is sourced from China and the United States.
  • Labels are designed in the United States and printed in the United States and China.
  • All these pieces come together to make your product at our facility in Monroe Twp, NJ.

We openly share ingredients, pricing and minimum orders upfront online on our website.

  • Full ingredient list is shown on each product page.
  • Key active ingredient percentages are also shown on each product page.
  • Pricing for all products and quantity minimums is openly shared on each product page.

Frequently Asked Questions