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We care about the future of the planet. We use reusable glass bottles and jars, use upcycled shipping and packing materials wherever possible, minimize excess packaging, have solar power at our facility, use carbon neutral shipping, and are a member of 1% for the Planet (a commitment to donate at least 1% of sales to environmental causes).


Below are our actions to supprot sustainability.

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With the surge in e-commerce, we aim to make shipping your order carbon neutral by funding innovative carbon sequestering projects via Planet by Shopify.

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1% for the Planet

We've committed to donating at least 1% of annual sales to environmental causes, including Earth Justice and The Nature Conservatory. You can join here.

Carbon Sequestration

We help fund cutting-edge carbon removal projects that have the potential to aid in mitigating climate change via Planet.

We use Planet to estimate the shipping emissions from your order and utilize high-quality carbon removal to neutralize your shipping footprint. We fund the highest impact tier on Planet on your behalf – the innovative carbon capture and storage projects. These include Running Tide and Remora via the Shopify Sustainability Foundation to have a real impact on the Earth.

Tools for You

We’ve shared tools we use to help make it easier for you to incorporate sustainability into your business as well. Even though we are taking some actions on your behalf, we’d love to see sustainability efforts go even further with you adding to the movement to protect the planet’s future.

Minimize Packaging

We are committed to minimizing packaging, reducing waste, reducing our footprint, and planting trees.

We use glass bottles and jars that are reusable and recyclable (depending on location, color, etc). Clear Glass is the most widely recyclable.

We use minimal plastic: only the sunscreen comes in plastic packaging. With glass packaging, the droppers, pumps, and jar lids are plastic.

No Boxes

We don't want to box in your creativity and dreams and we do not use product boxes.

Traditionally, skincare packaging is composed of primary packaging (the bottle) and secondary packaging (the decorative box the product is sold in).

This box tends to be thrown out immediately. We have eliminated the need for the 'secondary’ packaging paper box. Key info and ingredients are on the product itself.


Recycling Beauty Products

We suggest a few options to consider:

1. Make your business a new Pact or Terracycle drop-off location.

2. Leverage existing drop-off locations.

3. Check out The Detox Market's Guide to Recycling Beauty Products


Become a New Drop-off Point

It's free to become a Terracycle public drop-off point for eligible participating 'national' brand products. You review the list of participating brands and deceide which you want to collect for recycling and shipment back to Terracycle.

Note: this is limited to participating brands that have agreeded to sponsor the cost of recycling their products. You would become a multi-brand physical collection point, at no cost to you.

This can encourage visits from existing customers and potential new customers to your location. You can also speak with Terracycle about sponsoring a program to include recycling of your own brand [email:]

Leverage Existing Drop-off Points

As another resource - open to ANY skincare or beauty product, your customers can drop off ‘empties' from any brand at Pact Collection Points, Beautycycle Terracycle bins located at Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, or L'Occitane stores.

These bins accept empty skincare and beauty - regardless of where it was purchased.

Use these maps to find the most convenient location for your customers: Nordstrom & Nordstrom Rack, L'Occitane, or Pact Collection Points