Full Customization

Custom Label Design

Custom label design is included. As an atelier, our goal is to offer the most customization and ultimate flexibility, fully tailoring the look to your business.

We work with you to create a look that fulfills your vision and fits your branding.

With other companies, the look can be easily identifiable as 'private label' from XYZ manufacturer -- with their labels and packaging looking the same across clients.

We strive to deliver a unique look bespoke to your brand. With Ataliene, you are in control and everything is driven by you.

You have the final say on label style (provided it's compliant with regulations):

  • Design layout
  • Fonts
  • Text colors
  • Label color
  • Matte or Glossy finish
  • Label size
  • Label shape

These are all customized to you for a look that is unique to your business, truly captures your brand, and you can be proud of!

Design Process

There are 2 paths for the design process (both included):

1. We'll create a range of mock-ups for you to review. It's an iterative process. You can give us feedback or we can share a 'live' document via Canva where you are welcome to jump in and make edits yourself. We can make edits until you are thrilled with the final look.

2. If you prefer to design the artwork yourself or use your own graphic designer, you can send us your artwork and we'll use that.