Janeen Matacchiera

I’m a former Management Consultant with experience on the management team at a prestigious indie beauty company. I also bring a background in Private Label Skincare, Leadership, Operations, and Finance. I graduated from Cornell University and have an MBA from the University of Edinburgh Scotland.

I have dry sensitive skin and personally tested all our formulations. My routine is a gentle cleanser, followed by Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Antioxidants, and Sunscreen (including SPF on Neck & Hands) in the morning. Retinol every evening and Glycolic Acid 2x per week. You will see me in a hat whenever I'm outside ;)


Karine Matacchiera

I have over 25 years in the personal care industry - dental, beauty, skincare, and cosmetics. I have a degree in Sales & Marketing with a focus on Entrepreneurship.

My strong customer service has enabled me to be a sales award winner at every company I’ve worked for. Skincare has always been my passion. It started when I was a representative for a small skincare company and that passion continues today.

As a skincare enthusiast, I’m always searching for the best quality clean ingredients and I would not recommend anything that I don’t personally believe in.