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Ataliene Private Label FAQ

How It Works

What is the process to Private Label?

Here is an outline of the steps:

1. Try Samples to find the products you are most excited about

2. Choose Packaging

3. Name your products. You can create your own product names or use ours.

4. Label Design. We can design for you or you can send us finished artwork

5. We make your products and ship in 3 to 7 weeks from label approval for 1st orders. Reorders tend to ship within a week.

Overview of Label Design

Our clients tend to fall into 3 groups for label design:

1. Send us their logo and a template they like

2. Give us guidance for a custom design

3. Design their label themself in Canva or with their graphic designer and send us the file

There will a Front Label - with your product name, logo, and product size (ex: 1 oz).

There is also a Back Label with Directions, Ingredient List and "Distributed By" or "Packaged By" company info.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Samples generally ship within a couple days. Your customized private label order will be ready to ship in 3 to 7 weeks. We can narrow that window down further based on the options you choose.

What is your Contact info?

You can call or text us at 609-255-9160.


If you'd like to schedule a Private Label consult to go over any questions or get help with labels, book here.


Can I customize the formulation?

No - sorry, we generally can not make custom changes to the formulations.

The Water-based formulations are pre-set.

We may be able to make custom adjustments to Oil-based formulations (no water, aloe, etc) - such as scent, thickness, key active percentage. Contact us with the specifics of what you'd like.

Overall, the logic around limited customization (and no customization for water-based formulations) is customization would significantly increase the MOQ, total cost, require additional testing, and create a longer lead-time.

For some broad context on the industry [not specific to our company], manufacturers can charge $2000+ [on the low end] to make changes to stock formulations. And/or require an order of 1000+ units [lower end]. Custom sunscreens often require 4000 units or more [low end].

The good news - with Ataliene, we have high quality formulations to use and then almost everything around the look of your product is customizable!

Will my skincare products be Vegan and Cruelty-Free?

Yes - your custom branded skin care products will be vegan and cruelty-free.

Is it Clean Skin Care? And what do you mean by "Clean"?

Formulated without parabens, phthalates, sulfates, PEGs, mineral oils, drying alcohols, formaldehyde, dyes, silicones, and more. We aim for an EWG score of 1.

The logic is for products to be 'non-toxic' and non-irritating to the skin.

The term "Clean skin care" is broad and some companies use it loosely (ie: they claim products are clean, but when you read the full Ingredient list), they are not.

We believe it's important to have a clear standard and definition for the term "Clean". We follow the Credo standard, EWG, and EU standards - which are stricter. 1000's of ingredients are banned, whereas the US only bans close to 20.

We use these standard because it provides a clear outline anyone can refer to on what ingredients are clean and what is not.

Where can I see the INCI list?

The full ingredient list (INCI list) for each product is shown in our PDF catalog.

You can also see the full ingredient list on each formulation product page. Go to the main product Images at the top and see the the 2nd or 3rd image.

Do you use Organic ingredients?

We use organic ingredients whenever possible, but not all of our ingredients are certified organic.

We are one of the most natural private label manufacturers in the industry.


What the difference between Full Service vs. Unlabeled (Label Yourself)?

With Full Service, we take care of everything. Labels are designed (or we use your artwork), printed and applied.

With Unlabeled / Label Yourself, you receive the skincare product filled in the packaging of your choice. So, bottles are filled with product, but "blank" on the outside and have no labels on them. With this option, you are responsible for sourcing your own labels for the packaging and applying the labels prior to retailing to customers.

Can you take care of the label design for me?

Yes - absolutely! We can make it as easy as possible for you.

We can create a few different options for you and you can give us feedback to make edits.

We just need your product name, packaging choice, and your logo.

If you have any ideas or inspiration for how you'd like it to look, that's helpful too.

We can also send you a link to the design mock-ups to make any edits and adjustments yourself (if you want!)

Can I send you artwork for my label?

Yes! You can design the label yourself. There are a range of programs from Canva (easiest) to Photoshop. Use what works best for you. Or even use your own Graphic Designer.

Then, send us a PDF or share a link to the artwork file.

Some clients start the design and then have us finish it for them, that works too!

I need inspiration or help with the Label Design

Here are a few suggestions to help with label design:

1: If you are stuck or want help, just ask us to design some mock-up options for you. It's included in the pricing and we can go back-and-forth incorporating your edits until you are happy.

2. You also can send us what you have so far and we can take it from there.

3. To chat through label design, Book a Consult.

Other tips:

- Review your current brand strategy and brand assets

- Look at other brands to get a sense for what elements you like

- Look at Canva design templates -- any Canva template can be fully modified to fit your brand.

- We also starting point label designs for inspiration on our site -- they are just examples for inspiration.

Any can be fully customized in Canva to your style (font, colors, add / remove elements & text, etc). Just find a style you like and click "Edit Template" on the label design page.

I want my label design to match my existing line

No problem! Just send us your artwork file. Or choose the "Unlabeled" option to source and apply your labels yourself.

We know it's common to mix products in your line from different providers or you might make some items yourself and want your line to look cohesive.

Do you print and apply the labels for me?

Yes - this is included in the Full Service option! We take care of everything from design to printing and applying the labels for you.

Can I get my own labels and apply them myself?

Yes - you have the option to order unlabeled products. This is the Unlabeled / Label Yourself option.

Products will shipped filled with the skincare product formulation in the packaging of your choice.

You would then print or source your own labels and apply the labels yourself.

Note: you can not retail your products until they have been labeled. Unlabeled products can not be sold directly to the end-customer. Your labels must comply with FDA labeling regulations.


You an also order a BackBar pro-size and fill your own packaging.

What info is required on my skin care product label?

Here is a brief simple guide to information to include on the label:

Front Label:

Your Product Name.

A product type identifier (usually in the product name). Ex: Serum, Moisturizer, etc.

Your Logo or Brand name

Net Contents aka product size (ex: 1 fl oz) - placed in the bottom 1/3 of the label

Back Label:



Distributed by or Packaged by with company name and address.

*This information is intended to provide a general overview for educational purposes. See comprehensive FDA guidance on their site.

Lead Times

What is the Production Time (Lead Time)?

'Custom Branded' Private Label:

  • Initial Order: generally 3 to 7 weeks for the 1st order. Some products can ship as soon as 3 weeks from finalizing labels.
  • Reorders: frequently ship in less than a week.

Contact us to get a lead time estimate specific to your skincare product + packaging choices.


What is your minimum order (MOQ) for private label products?

Our minimum order for private label products is 12 units per product.

We are capable of doing much more.

Our goal is make the highest quality premium skin care products - comparable to national brands - with the customization and uniqueness of high MOQ production - at a low MOQ.

Our vision is to make this level of products accessible to skin entrepreneurs - without them having to be able to invest in 1000's of units upfront.

We also feel from an entrepreneurial perspective, it can be difficult to know what's going to 'work' and resonate with customers pre-launch. A lower MOQ allows you to test and refine without ending up with severe excess inventory. A lower MOQ can also leave room in your budget for marketing.

So, while we intentionally keep the MOQ low as part of our mission - we can support larger orders.

What if I need a larger order?

Awesome! Yes!

We start at 12 units because it's part of our vision to make amazing private products that normally you'd have to order in the 1000's accessible for entrepreneur aestheticians and spa owners. And easy to test what works, so you can iterate, rather than take the risk of 'nailing it' on your 1st order in the 1000's.

We can deliver significantly more. We wouldn't say we've hit a limit with anyone yet - we just need to work together to plan ahead.


Can I purchase just the Packaging?

Our primary business is full service private label skincare. We are not a dedicated packaging company.

We occasionally sell small quantities of extra packaging on hand. Packaging is primarily for our private label orders. You can sample packaging first (select 1 unit Sample).

If you would like to see a sample in-person of packaging you are considering for private label, go to the product page for that packaging style and select "Sample" from the dropdown.

What material is the packaging made of?

The skin care packaging on the site is glass. We do not have plastic bottles or jars in-stock.

We aim to fulfill your vision for your brand, so if you are looking for plastic, contact us for a special order.

Where can I see packaging options?

Compatible packaging options are shown on each skincare product page [go to the formulation you want and scroll down to mid-page]

You can also view (and shop) our Packaging catalog here

Do I need to use the same Packaging for all my Products?

No, each of your skus can use different packaging styles.

For example, your cleanser, serum, and moisturizer packaging does not have to match exactly.

We do have some "exact match" sets, but have also carefully selected different packaging options that look good together and compliment one another.

We find using different - but complementary - packaging styles gives an elevated modern luxury look - more inline with premium brands than typical "private label".

I don't see the packaging I'm looking for

If we don't have the packaging you are looking for on the website, contact us.

If you have a photo for inspiration, we can advise on if we can source it for you.

Note: the MOQ will increase from 12 units for special packaging orders. The exact amount will vary based on the specifics of your request.

Are Boxes included?

No, boxes are not included. We can source boxes for you, if desired.

There are several reasons boxes are not included - boxes tend to get thrown away immediately and are not reusable.

Also, the MOQ for boxes is higher and adds significantly to your launch expense.

These funds may drive more growth being put toward marketing.

For context on the industry, MOQs from printers for boxes tend to start at 250 units and can cost $1000+ and often closer to $3000 to $4000. There are some options for boxes starting at 100 units that are around $4 per box.

If you have your own boxes, we can pack your products in them or you can add boxes and pack on your end after receiving the products.


Where can I see Prices?

Prices are shown at the top of each product page.

You can also see all prices on a 1 sheet on our Pricing Sheet here.

What does the Price include?

Pricing is all inclusive of product, packaging, filling, and physical labels. Shipping is not included

Shipping cost will be the lowest carrier cost from UPS, USPS, etc.

There is a $50 Label Set-Up Fee per SKU. It will be invoiced separately once labels are approved.

Are there fees?

We have some of the lowest fees for the industry.

There is a just a $50 Label Set-Up fee per sku.

For orders with multiple skus, we can look at bundling set-up for items with the same label size to reduce the fee for you.

*If you want to change your labels after they have been approved, there is a $50 label Re-Setup Fee per sku.

Are your Prices high?

Our opinion is the prices reflect the quality, value, and service provided.

We shine on Quality and Value. We focus on quality and value for the price. We intentionally offer professional formulas that you might see at significantly higher price and keep it more affordable.

We offer an unprecedented level of customization and quality at this level MOQ. It's Private Label Reimagined.

Both our team and you want to ensure you are providing your customers with skincare products that belong next to the leading national and 'indie' brands on your shelf . So you can be proud of them and stand behind them.

When a product so deeply reflects your brand and business -- and has your name on it -- this is not an area you want to cut quality in favor of the lowest price. Poor products may do more harm than good for your business in the long run.

We follow the highest ingredient standards - with effective and transparent concentrations of professional actives. Other providers may have lower prices - but we find "you get what you pay for" and suggest you dig into the ingredient list and ask them questions about concentrations. Especially for key active ingredients - ensure the concentration is appropriate to be effective and is more than just "marketing" [Ie: some providers may include an ingredient at an ultra-low, almost zero concentration to save on costs, but be able to promote that the product includes that ingredient].

And the products use unique luxury glass packaging.

We are trying to help you create a more premium product that can be your own alternative and terrific value next to comparable higher priced national brands.

We suggest doubling the "private label" wholesale purchase price as a starting point and then strategizing where your products will fit into your assortment. You control the retail pricing.

We also offer a Value Size for a number of products. These are a larger size at an incredible value.

Ultimately, the product price point has to make sense for your customer and fit into your assortment.

Product Names

Can I name the Product?

Yes! We encourage you to create your own unique name for the product.

Product name is one of the 1st things a customer uses to judge the product. If the name doesn't resonate with them and their needs, they may not get past the name - they may move on and consider other products.

So, think about your target customer and what name will resonate with their needs.

Any tips for naming my products?

Here are some things to consider when going from the private label product to a product name for your brand.

Who is your target audience?

What's important to them - what do they need?

How does the product help them (ie: what's the primary benefit of the product?

What skin type is it for?

Does the name fit your brand?

Are there Regulatory considerations for naming my products?

We can give you give some guidance. Ultimately, the client is responsible to ensure they are within laws and regulations regarding cosmetic labelling.

You are also responsible for ensuring the names chosen are not trademarked by another company.

Some broad educational tips:

Skin care products are cosmetics, not drugs.

Cosmetic products change the appearance of skin, which is temporary. Product names and all claims must fall in this range.

Drugs change the function of skin, how the skin cells actually work. Product names and claims can not indicate skincare products will heal, cure, mitigate, treat, or prevent disease.

Per the FDA, skincare (cosmetic) products can not use names or make claims around restoring, correcting or modifying physiological function of the skin.

For example, skincare products can not "heal" or increase collagen. These are drug claims. Skin care can support natural collagen.


Can I sample the products first?

Yes! You can order samples of any formulation here.

Choose the size that fits your needs: deluxe, full size, and pro-size backbar (for team and client feedback). Full size samples include the packaging of your choice. - which is a nice way to experience the packaging you are considering.

You can also order samples of the packaging only in the Packaging section.

We encourage you to sample to find the products your are most excited about.

It's important to touch, feel, and experience skincare first. This will also help you name the product and be able to speak better to it as you plan your launch marketing.

Can I make my own samples for customers?

Yes - you can use the Backbar Pro-Sizes to make your own samples for customers.

You can use your own packaging or order empty 5ml glass sample dropper bottles and 5ml glass jars from us - to fill yourself from the backbar containers.

"Screen Print" Labels

What is the "Screen Printed Look" for the label?

The "screen printed look" upgrade is a "label-less" look where text looks printed directly on the packaging rather than printed on a physical label pressed onto the packaging.

Is the "Screen Printed Look" included?

No. this is an upgrade. Physical labels are included. Labeling with a "screen printed look" is an additional cost.

You have the option to upgrade to screen print for the Front Label and Back Label.

Back Label: Back Label has pre-set Directions, Ingredients, and 'Packaged By' info.

Yes, we can sometimes include a "screen printed " look for the back label for certain products and packaging. If it's available for the formulation & packaging you've chosen, then it is included in the price.

Note: with the included option, the "screen printed" look will be pre-set. It uses a standard font and says "Packaged by Elle Green Skincare" at the bottom of the back label.

To change this to "Distributed by __[your company name] __", you can use either physical printed labels applied on packaging (included in Full Service pricing) or upgrade to the Full Front + Back Screen Printed Look.

With the included physical labels applied to packaging, your Back Label is completely custom to your brand and will "match" your Front Label, ie: use the same label material, fonts, colors, etc. This is included in the Full Service pricing. Only the "screen printed look" is an upgrade.

Can I do a Metallic "Screen Print"?

Yes - Metallic screen print (ex: raised metallic gold or silver) is possible. Note: the metallic only adheres to a completely flat surface.It is not suitable for oils.

For example, it works on the square bottles or jar lids. It does not work on the round bottles or jars. If the surface is even slightly curved (like with a round bottle), the ink warps and comes off immediately.


Do you ship to Europe or outside the US?

No - shipping is focused on within the United States only.

We do not currently ship to the UK, Europe, or outside the USA.

This is generally due to regulatory restrictions. For example, the EU requires completion of an extensive skincare registration process. Our products meet the requirements and standards, but we have not undertaken the registration.

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