Backbar - Larger Professional Sizes


Back Bar is available for all products. This ia a great way to use your products in treatments, introduce your clients to your new products, make your own samples, and test feedback. 

Backbar (larger professional sizes) can be purchased on each product page.

How to Order

Backbar options are available on each product page.


  • Size: 4oz or 8 oz. 

  • Packaging: Glass. We use plain glass bottles and jars for backbar.

  • Labels: Customized to your product and brand. You will be able to approve your backbar labels before production.

    • Note: if you order a 'sample' backbar size in the sample section to test the product, the label will not be customized.
  • MOQ is 1 unit.

  • For any questions, email or text 609-255-9160.
How To

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